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A simple blog dedicated to all the life ruiners out there. The bastards... Not a single one of these pictures is mine, but I always try to give the source. Although I admit that I own none of these pictures, I do edit a lot of them myself. Please do not simply repost them and claim them as your own. There will be repeats; I have my obsessions. I do take requests - be it person (single post or a line of posts), theme (color tint, accessory, show, movie, etc.), or anything else; I do not always accept. I thank you for visiting. c:

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Mads Mikkelsen photographed by Les Kaner

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wishiwould: Requests! Chris and/or Liam Hemsworth, James McAvoy pics where he's smiling, J J Feilds, more Lee Pace, Hugh Jackman, but ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY Zachary Levi!!!

Yes to all of these!

I can’t guarantee that I will have them done quick, but these requests shall be filled! :D 


OFFENSE, THAT’S RUDE! steven yeun

A lot of good memories here. Eating people. I didn’t eat people. People ate people.

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“I was really quite upset, and probably very sad and vulnerable and angry. Acting presented a way of expelling those feelings in a safe place.” -Tom Hiddleston

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